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IP68 Top View PVC or Silicone LED Neon Flex with 10x10mm Mini Size

Features and Benefits:
Mini size: W10*H10mm, length can be customized made.
▪ Opal white diffuser with uniform and soft light output and dot free.
▪ Seamless connection support.
▪ Top view and vertical bendable design, min diameter 150mm bending.
▪ High brightness output up to 500LM/meter.
▪ Single color: 2200-6500K, red, green, blue.
▪ Dimming with PWM,DALI, 0-10V or DMX dimming driver.
▪ Can be cuttable at regular intervals without damage the rest of neon strip.
▪ Injection moulded connector:
(1) Direct end entry cable; (2) Side entry cable; (3) Bottom entry cable.
▪ Provides various smart accessories for mounting and installation.
▪ Max continous length per run:
(1) One end Power feed:5meters, or
(2) Double ends power feed: 10meters.
▪ Beam angle:120°.
▪ UV,flame,saltwater(Note: NOT seawater),solvent and dirt resistant.
▪ Rated IK08 and IP68, suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications. 
▪ Even can be underwater use and submersible in depth<2meters.
▪ Operation temperature: -25°C~+50°C.
▪ Standard 3 years warranty (5 years warranty is available).
▪ CE, ROHS certificate.

Important Notes for neon LED flex when underwater use:
1. Please select injection moulded connector and the depth under water is <2 Meters.
2. Used in swimming pool or fresh water only, CAN NOT be used in sea water.

CE ROHS UL neon LED flex

Technical Parameters:

Model Number
(Color Type)
Working Mode
Light Color
Luminous Flux (LM/meter)
LED Q'ty
Max Continuous Length 
One End Power Feed Double Ends Power Feed
(Single Color) 
24VDC 10W/M
(White color)
2835 120LEDs/m Ra80 120°
10cm (3.93in)


1.About light color:
(1)"XX" in item numbers stands for different single color: (1) Single color: VW(Very Warm White, 2200K), WW(Warm White, 2700K, 3000K), NW(Neutral White,4000K), PW(Pure White, 5000K), DW(Day White, 5700K), CW(Cool White, 6000~6500K); BL(Blue,465-470nm),GN(Green, 520-525nm), AM(Amber,585-595nm), OR(Orange, 600-610nm), LY(Lemon Yellow, 610-620nm), RD(Red, 620-630nm), PK(Pink, 630-645nm);
(2) TW(Tunable white, optional 2200k+5000K, 3000K+5000K,or Customized);
(3) Multi-color:RGB, RGBW(The Kelvin of "W" available at 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, or other).
(4) If the Kelvin or wave length for the color you are looking for is NOT within the above range, please inquire us separately.
2. CV(Constant voltage, means the LED strip is with current-limiting resistor on board in every mini cutting unit); CC(Constant current , which the LED strip is with current-limiting constant current driving IC on board for every minimum cutting unit which enables the working current of each LED is the same and the brightness of the entire run length of the LED neon flex is uniform);
3. Specifications are subjected to change without prior to notice.

Injection Moulded Connector (Factory Assembly only) for Mini Neon LED Rope Light:

injection moulded connectors for mini Neon LED strip

Aluminum Mounting Chanel for IP68 Mini flexible Neon LED Strip

aluminum mounting channel for mini Neon LED strip