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B4J0957 B4J0918 9x3W IP68 LED Fountain Lights Nozzel G1 1/2

The COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING SUS 304 (316 is available) stainless steel LED FOUNTAIN RING Light is conceived for underwater illumination of fountains and water gardens.

Features and Benefits:
▪ φ160*H36mm, Center Hole Dia. 50mm (Water jet pipe G1 1/2" taper)
▪ Utilizes 9pcs 2W Osram or 3W RGB 3-in-1 LED as light source.
▪ Single color or RGB color options.
▪ Window glass standard clear, and optional silver print.
▪ Made of SUS304 stainless steel completely for housing and accessories.
▪ Symmetrical light output.
▪ IP68 waterproof,underwater installation in depth less than 1meter.
▪ Use the silicone with good stickiness and thermal effect for reach the purpose of heat dissipation and prevent moisture.
▪ PWM Control method for RGB. (RGB DMX control is available upon request.)
▪ Standard non-dimmable. Optional dimmable support with DALI, 1~10V, PWM. 
▪  2 Years warranty. 

warning for led fountain light operationWarning: This IP68 luminaire made of SUS304 stainless steel,so it must be installed underwater to prevent the light from burning up because of over-heating.  

LED Fountain light CE ROHS RGB

B4J0957(9x2W,18.2W) B4J0918(9*3W,27.3W) IP68 LED Fountain Underwater Pool Lights
Center Hole G1 1/2"(Φ45~50mm) (Water jet pipe G1 1/2'' taper)
Completely Stainless Steel SUS 304# Housing & Accessory (stainless steel 316# is available if quantity is large enough )

The COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING LED FOUNTAIN RING Light is conceived for underwater illumination of fountains and water gardens.
Standard version is non-dimmable. Optional dimmable or DMX 512, DALI, 1-10 V controllable
Standard RGB PWM controllable (DMX 512 RGB control is available upon request, please inquire separately). 


Material Specifications:

Molding shaped stainless steel SUS 304# (stainless steel 316# is available if quantity is large enough )
Window Glass

Step tempered glass.T=7mm.

Stanard clear glass, Silver print optional
Lens Optical lens,efficiency≥85%
Cable Gland IP-68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated

Excellent heat conductivity aluminum.

coefficient of heat Conductivity≥2.0w/mk 
LED Driver
Constant current output:
Single color LED=1-circuit output
RGB 3-in-1 LED=3-circuit output
Power Cable
▪ H05RN-F 2X1.0mm2, L=3.0m(for single color)
▪ H05RN-F 4X0.75mm2, L=3.0m(for RGB)
▪ H05RN-F 5X0.75mm2, L=3.0m(for RGB DMX)
  5cores cable for RGB DMX fountain light:
  2-cores for Power +/-
  2 cores for DMX +/-
  1 core for Ground line
Application Environment
Temperature of water between -20˚C~40˚C less than 1 meter depth.
Installation PVC Mounting sleeve (included)
Dimmable Support

Standard non-dimmable. 

Optional dimmable function support with DALI, 0~10V, PWM

Technical Specifications:

Item Number Light Source

Selected Lens 

Degree (Θ1/2) 
Typical Operating
Typical Power
IK Rate
B32 25 24VDC 758 18.2
Cool white=1036 
Warm white=960 
RGB 3-in-1 
Full Color
B8 30 24VDC
27.3 589 09

Note: Specifications are subjected to change without notice.

Dimensional Drawing (Units:mm)

COMI Landscape lighting B4J09 LED fountain light dimensional Drawing 

LED and Lens

B4J09 series LED fountain lights lens and LED 

COMI LANDSCAPE LIGHTING_B4J0906 LED fountain light case