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F15 Seamless Connection Flat Shape IP68 Neon LED Strip Light

IP68 flexible dot free neon LED flex F15A line with a W11.5×H21mm cross section. Opal polyurethane encapsulation offering a premium water proof sealing, UV resistance, chemical stability against urban gases and protection against abrasion. Horizontal bending only, with radius of 8mm excellent solution for indoor / outdoor organic facade accent lighting or decorative applications requiring IP67 even IP68 ingress. Fully dimmable with PWM,0/1-10V,DALI, DMX512.

Features and Benefits:
▪ Flat Shape Ivory White diffused PVC luminous surface.
▪ Continuous and uniform illumination, no LED dot or dark spot.
▪ Horizontal(side-to-side) bending only with radius of 8mm.
▪ Optional input Voltage 12VDC, 24VDC or 36VDC 
▪ Power Consumption:5W/m, 12W/m or 15W/m.
▪ Constant Current IC built in optional.
▪ Can be cuttable at regular intervals without damage the rest of neon strip.
▪ Optional IP67 DIY Screws type and IP68 mould injection type connectors.
▪ Optional Single end or dual ends power cable for neon LED flex.
  Cable output sides available(1) Direct end, (2) bottom, or (3) side cable output.
▪ Continuous run length Up to 30meters.
▪ Provides various smart accessories for mounting and installation.
▪ Full encapsulated with IP68 Level and rating IK08.
▪ Standard 3 years warranty (5 years is available).

Important Note:
If the neon LED flex is underwater used, please note that:
1. Please select mould injection connector and the depth of underwater is <1.5Meters.
2. Used in swimming pool or other fresh water pool only, CAN NOT be used in sea water.

Basic Information:
 LED Performance: 70,000 Hours L80@25°C, 50,000 Hours L70@ 50°C.
 CRI:Ra>80(For 2200-6500K only).
 CCT(K±5%~8%): 2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 3000K,3500K,4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K.
 Other Light color: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Orange, Pink, and etc.
 Light Efficiency: 12W/meter@6500K can be up to 320LM/meter. 
 Connector type options: IP67 DIY screws connector and IP68 mould injection type connector.
 Optional Power cable type: (1) Single end or dual ends power cable entry; (2) To Open wire or to IP67 connector; (3) Direct end, side or bottom entry.
 Material: Eco PVC.
 Min. Bending: dia.8cm.
 Beam Angle: 120degree.
 Dimmable or NOT: yes, it is dimmable with PWM, DALI, 0/1-10V, DMX.
 Bending Direction: Horizontal bendable.
 Smart accessories are available: mounting profile, mounting clip, extension cable, connector, seal glue and etc.
 Installation Temperature: 0°C to +55°C.
 Ambient Temperature: -25°C to +55°C.
 Warranty: 3 Years.
 Protection and IK Rating: IP68 Waterproof and IK08.
1. Different color or Kelvin with different lumen output, so please enquire light efficiency for different model separately.
2. For length>10meters neon LED flex, it is advised to power feed to both ends of neon LED flex. That means the neon LED flex is with dual ends of power cable.


Question: Can your neon LED flex be underwater use? 

Answer: Yes, it can, but it CANNOT be used in sea water. When underwater use, please select mould injection type connector for neon LED flex, and install depth of underwater no more than 1.5meters. For more detail, please click here>>The importance notes about IP68 waterproof neon LED flex for underwater use.

Technical Parameters: 

Item Number

LED Type
LED Q'ty
Mini Cutting Unit
Max Length
(Single feed) 
Max Length
(Double feed) 


CV 3528 72 12VDC 5W/M 6pcs LED | 8.33cm
5meters 10meters IP68 and IK08


CV 3528
72 24VDC 5W/M 12pcs LED | 16.67cm 10meters 20meters IP68 and IK08


CV 5050 60 36VDC 12W/M 10pcs LED | 16.67cm
15meters 30meters IP68 and IK08


2835 72 24VDC 12W/M
12pcs LED | 16.67cm
15meters 30meters IP68 and IK08


CV 5050 60 24VDC 12W/M
6pcsLED | 10cm
(10pcsLED | 16.67cm)
10meters 20meters IP68 and IK08


CV 5050 72 24VDC 15W/M 6pcs LED | 8.33cm
10meters 20meters IP68 and IK08

Note: specifications are subjected to change without prior to notice.

F15 IP68 Waterproof seamless connection neon LED flex accessories