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C4YB0657 C4BY0618 6x2W (or 3W) Asymmetrical IP68 LED Pond Lights

COMI Landscape Lighting asymmetrical light output C4YB06-Series IP68 LED pool light is suitable as underwater spotlight for fountains, pools, ponds, water gardens etc. for atmospheric or underwater lighting. 

Features and Benefits: 
▪  Light source: 6pcs 2W Osram or 3W RGB 3-in-1 LED. 
▪  Input Voltage:24VDC low voltage
▪  Made of SUS316 L stainless steel completely for housing and accessories. 
▪  Asymmetrical light output (Symmetrical light output is available). 
▪  Overheat sensor inside(Optional). 
▪  IP68 waterproof,underwater installation in depth less than 1meter. 
▪  Use the silicone with good stickiness and thermal effect for reach the purpose of radiating and prevent moisture. 
▪  Standard non-dimmable.(Optional dimmable support with DALI, 1~10V, PWM. )
▪  PVC Mounting sleeve included.
▪  2 Years warranty.

warning for COMI Landscape lighting's underwater pool lightWarning: 
▪  Water must be allowed to go inside and outside sleeve freely without leaking from the other side. 
▪  This IP68 luminaire made of SUS316L stainless steel,so DO NOT operate the lighting fixture out of water for over 15 minutes (cooling). 

led fountain light CE, ROHS, RGB

C4YB0657 C4YB0618 6pcsx2W or 3W RGB IP68 Asymmetrical Wall Recessed LED Swimming Pool Lights
Completely Stainless Steel SUS 316L# Housing and Accessory 

B4YB0657, B4YB0618, C4YB0657, C4YB0618 316 stainless steel led pool lights

Material Specifications:

Front Cover & Housing
Molding shaped stainless steel SUS 316L#
Window Glass Step tempered glass.T=8mm
EPDM gasket
Lens Optical lens,efficiency≥85%
Cable Gland IP-68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated

Excellent heat conductivity aluminum.
coefficient of heat Conductivity≥2.0w/mk

LED Driver Constant current output:
Single color LED=1-circuit output
RGB 3-in-1 LED=3-circuit output
Power Cable H05RN-F 2X1.0mm2, L=3.0m(for single color)
H05RN-F 4X1.0mm2, L=3.0m(for RGB)
Application Environment
Temperature of water between -20˚C~40˚C less than 1 meter depth.
Installation PVC Mounting sleeve (included)
Dimmable Support

Standard non-dimmable. 
Optional dimmable function support with DALI, 0~10V, PWM

Technical Specifications:

Item Number Light Source

Selected Lens 
Degree (Θ1/2)

Typical Operating
Typical Power
IK Rate
B4YB0657 6x2W
B32 25 24VDC 650 15.6 Cool white=853
Warm white=682
B4YB0618 6x3W 
RGB 3-in-1 
Full Color
B8 30 24VDC R=300
22.6 420 08
C8 45/35 24VDC 650 15.6 Cool white=754
Warm white=656

Note: Specifications are subjected to change without notice.


Dimensional Drawing(Units:mm)

B4YB0657(Symmetrical Light Output) and C4YB0657(Asymmetrical Light Output) dimensional drawing


Asymmetrical Light Output Light effect: 

B4YB0657(Symmetrical Light Output) and C4YB0657(Asymmetrical Light Output) Product details

Built-in heatsink          
Use the silicone with good stickiness and thermal
effect for reach the purpose of radiating and
prevent moisture.

Water must be allowed to go inside 
and outsidesleeve freely without 
leaking from the other side.


This IP68 luminaire made of SUS316 stainless steel must be installed under the water to prevent the light from burning up because of over-heating. and can not be operated out of water for over 15 minutes (cooling).